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Oct. 1st, 2006 @ 01:40 pm *smacks people around*
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"You have to see though, that they are going in the order of Favorite to least favorite. People can relate more to Samantha, at least older collectors and girls in the 90's, because that's when people in their family grew up. it's what they can relate to. Samantha is from a very glamorous time and everybody loves the Victorian ages.

There are also more Caucasian girls who can afford AG's. and if what i said above applies to them, then it's pretty obvious why she got the first movie. also she was one of the original ones and I'm sure how many dolls they sold in that period of time affected that she would get the first movie!

So take all those things into consideration before you say anything about American Girl, or Mattel being racial, because they are just giving the people what they want. if that happens to be Just Caucasions right now, then LIVE WITH IT!!!!"

O RLY? So what, I should just suck up and "live with" the not so subtle racism seen when the three girls that aren't white/don't have white best friends are kicked off to the side and neglected because I'm not a young white girl and they matter more and have more money? STFU.

First of all, for my family, it was not a "glorious" time or glamorous. My family was poor, black, and oppressed. Also, Samantha herself sees that the era wasn't glamorous for everyone. Nellie's entire story shows that things weren't all pretty and perfect for a lot of people in that era. (Also, Samantha isn't really Victorian. Queen Victoria died in 1901. Samantha is properly Edwardian. Addy is more Victorian than Sam is.) I for one, am a fan of the Civil War, Pioneer, and Revolutionary Eras. The fluffy feel good classism of the Victorian/Edwardian era irritates me greatly.

And it's not fair at all to play favorites with the girls. As much as I don't like glorifying PTR, she at least made everything fair. Everyone had equal outfits, items, and supplies/accessories. Now AG seems to be the Samantha Rich Girl Club. Sam's popular because she's rich and rich people don't like "poor" dolls, so they give her more stuff and push the other girls down, and then they claim that they have to give her more stuff because she's popular. It's a self perpetuating cycle.

It also looks really bad on AG's part to push the four girls who are not minorities or have minority friends (Kirsten has a non-white best friend) to the side, cutting their time in the catalogue.

Secondly, it is NOT okay to use race to divide people and claim it's okay because that's just what's popular/who has money There are well off Latino, Asian, Native, and black families. So more white girls and families have money. This is not a reason to neglect the Dolls of Color.

Finally, I am not just going to "live" with racism and racial thoughts. Just living with it makes people think it's okay to let it happen. It looks really bad on AG's part to shuffle the three Historicals of Color and the one with a Native Best Friend off to the side, cutting their catalog pages to barely half or a quarter of a page so as to ignore them. As it seems, we may never get best friend dolls for them if movies are never made, and that is a VERY bad AG move. It makes it look like they are only interested in making rich white children happy and any other little girls should be kicked to the side. It's racist and classist.

As a girl who fell in love with Addy because there was finally a doll in history that looked like me and was "poor" like me (my mother was a seamstress for years), I think it's rude to assume that little girls of color shouldn't be as important to AG. These dolls shouldn't be about status symbols. They should be about teaching girls about history and the social parts of history instead of just dates and battles. It's to put a girl's face on huge parts of American History--and that's all faces, not just white ones. And if all people can say is that the history settings of these dolls should be ignored to make the dolls a status symbol for little rich white girls because "that's who has the money", then we've lost sight of why they were created in the first place.

Augh, stupid people.

(yes, this is yanked from the post I made over at AG playthings.)

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Date:October 1st, 2006 09:34 pm (UTC)
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Rage on!
When I was a kid and the AG books were first appearing, my grandmother bought me the Addy books. Loved them to death (literally! poor books, their spines are broken!).
Then I asked for the Addy doll for birthday/Christmas and got Kirsten instead. Asked why, and was told that she thought that Kirsten was "more appropriate" because various idiodic family members thought that I would be better off with a white doll, as, after all, no white child should ever have a doll representing a POC.