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colorful_rage's Journal

We will not be silenced!
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Following feminist_rage, queer_rage, and tranny_rage, this community is a safe space for people to vent about discrimination and oppression of all kinds. Our main focus is race because, as far as I know, there is not currently a rage outlet community for issues of race on livejournal. However, though I see racism as the most destructive of all oppression in the United States, rages about all types of oppression are welcome because they are all intertwined and compound to make life even worse for those oppressed in multiple ways. Other forms of oppression open for rants include, but are not limited to, racism, sexism, classism, ableism, transphobia, and homophobia. If you experience prejudice based on other facets of your life, such as nontraditional family structures, feel free to rant about those as well.

Community Rules:
1. You may post articles behind a cut, but make sure you write at least a short rage about it to keep it on topic.

2. We all have privilege in at least one area of our lives. Feel free to rant about areas in which you have privilege. Privilege awareness is a necessity in our society, and recognition of that by those holding privilege is a positive thing. If you are heterosexual, for example, feel free to rage about homophobia, whether it's something you saw in the news that made you angry or something a friend is dealing with or something you observe in daily life. However, if you appear to be speaking for oppressed groups or displaying privileged viewpoints, be prepared to be called on it. Try to take it as a learning experience and not get defensive. This community is NOT a place to ensure that people of privilege aren't made uncomfortable. No one needs reminders that privileged people have problems, too. Such assertions will likely result in a ban.

3. Differing viewpoints are welcome, as long as they do not compromise the safe space created here and as long as you are able to engage in respectful discussion with those who disagree with you so that we can all learn from it. Hate speech of any kind, no matter how subtle, will result in immediate banning.

4. If you have privilege of any sort and are completely unaware of it, I recommend that you look into that first before requesting to join. There are other communities out there to help increase this awareness. It is no one's duty to educate you here; if you display blatant ignorance of your privilege in any area, others WILL bring it to your attention, and they have no obligation to do so politely if what you say angers them. If you can accept that, you're welcome here; but remember, this is a place first and foremost for people of color and other oppressed groups to rant without restriction and to receive support.

5. If you don't have something supportive to say, don't comment. Invalidation of someone's rage will get you banned. Members' rants are not up for debate.

6. Introductions are welcome when attached to a rant, but please do not post intros by themselves.

7. No spam, quizzes, or community promos (unless the community is related to your rage).

8. If a topic is very personal and you feel the need to friends-lock it, that is completely fine. However, please consider leaving them open for the most part so that others passing by can see what issues we discuss and they can affect as many people as possible.

9. NO DELETING OR DISABLING COMMENTS. Do not delete posts either. If you post something that turns out to be controversial and you're not happy with the responses you're getting, feel free not to read them. But post deleting will result in banning, and you may only delete your OWN comments, and only for spelling errors, etc. Own your thoughts, don't back out when you get called on something.

10. Trolling will not be tolerated. Additionally, requests for members to troll OTHER communities will not be tolerated. If your rage is about something said in another community, you may post a link to the discussion, but friends-lock the post and do NOT encourage trolling in that community. LJ Abuse takes trolling linked communities very seriously, so such actions will result in a ban.

11. Because this is a safe-space, members are NOT to quote or paraphrase elsewhere anything anyone says in a locked entry.

1. Members will be screened to avoid trolling. If it is determined that you do not belong in this community but you feel that you do, please contact the mods for further discussion at kittikattie@hotmail.com and karnythia@livejournal.com. Please be patient.

2. It is not acceptable to argue with a mod in the comment threads. If you feel the need to contact a mod, please do so via e-mail. If a mod makes a specific request, ignoring it is NOT an option.

3. If you have ideas for the interest list, please submit them via e-mail.

4. I've listed the U.S. as the country, but of course people from other countries are welcome as well. I just understand race issues mostly from the American experience so that's where I'll be coming from in any posts I make.