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Oct. 22nd, 2006 @ 08:08 pm Subtle small racism = still racism
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I had to deal with a buncha dumb mofos over the phones at work WTF. So I'm not in the best mood. Then I get on AG playthings and some moron has the nerve to claim that of course Addy being cut so much isn't racism, it's just popularity and she's not popular enough so sucks to be her and if people love white dollies more, that's just life.

Two words: Bitch, PLEASE.

Racism is NOT just saying "Addy and Josefina and Kaya suck, and Samantha and Felicity and all them ROCK, and white people and dolls are always better." In case you haven't been paying attention, people have gotten really subtle about the racism. Racism is as simple as ignoring the three--giving them little to no new things, little catalogue space, shuffling them off to the side, retiring their things, etc. Oh, how I wish it was over the top racism. I know that when it's coming and no one thinks I'm too sensitive when I point the shit out.Instead I have to deal with these young, stupid, ig'nant ass mofos who think that racism is only the over the top KKK shit and the little shit has no bearing on racism. Please, people, don't make me reach through the screen and slap you so hard you spit.

Lemme introduce y'all to something that we call mundane stress. Now, if I take a tree and chainsaw that bitch down, it's pretty clear I've fucked that tree up. Let's consider that the over the top racism. Now let's say I poof that tree back, but instead of chainsawing it, I just sorta make whacks at the tree with a small ax. Now, I'm not knocking the tree down all at once, but give me enough time and I can eventually cut it down. Would you claim that those little nicks aren't a sign of stress?

Even better example: You take a little kid, and you knock them into walls and shit until their head cracks open. That's clearly an attack. However, if I take that same kid and just smack it once a day in the back of the head, I'm still causing damage. It might be small whacks, but it's still a pain, and it still fucks that kid up. Those two examples are clear signs that small stress leads to big problems. Then how can people claim that only the over the top racism is racism?

Drop by drop, a rock wears away. You don't have to put a steady heavy stream. In fact, the smaller things are more efficient as wearing a person down.

On ag_over_18, my eljay, and colorful_rage.

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