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Oct. 10th, 2006 @ 10:25 pm Anti-racism is attacked at Colombia U
This is so infuriating! The following was from an email I got. Basically the short hand is this. The College Republicans at Colombia brought a speaker from the ultra-racist and violent Minutemen to campus, and anti-racist activists went on-stage with a banner to protest, garnering lots of others to applaud and join them. This was met with violence and now the anti-racist activists might be prosecuted! The ridiculousness is astounding.

Apparently the First Amendment only applies when you're being paid thousands and put behind a podium. Otherwise, keep it outside. And I'm so tired of people masking the advocation (is that a word?) of racist violence as free speech!

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Email content from here on
so this has all sort of blown up at colombia with the university talking about taking action against the anti-racist protesters. its been on fox news and in a lot of national press. the way this gets handled by the authorities might set the tone for how other resistance to the minutemen is dealt with.

interview with Karina Garcia of the Chicano Caucus

Links to coverage, including video:

link to a petition in support of the anti-racist colombian students
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